A sci-fi film born in the near future



If you would like to be part of writing the next chapter in American science fiction, help make this film happen. We welcome your support in any form; however, if you'd like to support Godspeed financially, there are two ways to do so.

Godspeed accepts donations for the production (in any amount) through our fiscal sponsor, The Film Collaborative. This non-profit indie film-driven organization accepts donations for Godspeed and will pass funds directly to the Godspeed production (less a 5% handling fee). Donors access the tax advantage of giving to a 501 c-3 nonprofit while supporting independent filmmaking. Click here to donate to Godspeed.

Equity investments typically represent larger segments of a film's budget. As such, qualified individuals must meet SEC criteria for investing in the production. In exchange for equity capital, investors are able to participate in revenue sharing once the project begins to generate profit. Please contact Fernando Ramirez Esq. at framirezlaw@msn.com start the conversation.