A sci-fi film born in the near future

A woman fighting to save her sanity
confronts a new understanding of what it is to be human.

In 2040, New York is a high-tech wonderland and high achiever Brandy Fitzgerald is at the top of her game. She’s a technology editor at a successful Web magazine and an aspiring developer who has created a powerful, game-changing algorithm. But she’s plagued by a sickening sense that something is not right.

Brandy’s career is riding high but she’s inspired to step out of her editor role to create the algorithm which takes her company to the next level. She gets deeper and deeper in, becoming obsessed with perfecting her algorithm; soon Brandy's successful life becomes a scary, unpredictable place after bizarre symptoms take root in her mind. These anomalies lead to a very ugly, very visible breakdown in her high-powered world and Brandy is shattered when she's forced to step away from her career. But she never lets go of her passion project. Brandy leaves New York and goes to her family home in the Midwest to regroup, and despite the comfort and love there, Brandy is challenged and disturbed by newcomers who aren't what they seem. Even familiar faces are different now and Brandy has no idea of who (or what) to trust. Her symptoms escalate and as events unfold, Brandy's whole existence is turned inside out. Working on her algorithm is her one lifeline and she clings to it. She's convinced that her sanity is dissolving....but ultimately, Brandy realizes that is reality itself, not her, which has changed. And her algorithm is at the heart of it.

We are cultivating a high-quality cinematic product unique on the landscape of American filmmaking. By combining universal storytelling with authentically diverse characters and a cutting-edge aesthetic, Godspeed is setting a precedent in American science fiction film.

The time is now.