A sci-fi film born in the near future

Godspeed is a near-future afrofuturist thriller.

Mathematically inclined Brandy Fitzgerald creates a game-changing algorithm which becomes an obsession that triggers a mental breakdown. As Brandy struggles to hold on to her sanity, a trusted source reveals that schizophrenia is not her problem --- the problem is that she’s not human.

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Godspeed brings a new voice and new representations of sci-fi to the screen, with fresh characters who push the limits of how we understand what it is to be human. Science, math, art and music all come together as integral parts of the narrative, enriching our heroine’s journey as well as the audience’s experience of the story.

Godspeed is the love child of Eve's Bayou + Black Mirror + Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams.

Godspeed captures the realistic futurism of Blade Runner; the otherworldly mystery and sensuality of Under the Skin and The Hunger; and the cultural power of Black Panther.

Godspeed pushes us to seriously consider the notion that we are not alone in the cosmos. The growing number of star systems and planets discovered every day suggest that this is more than a remote possibility. What if contact with other intelligent life is nothing like we expect?

Are you ready?