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Jendra Jarnagin, Director of Photography

Jendra Jarnagin, Director of Photography

Award-winning Director of Photography Jendra Jarnagin is best known for her vast digital cinema expertise and is an in-demand panelist, speaker and instructor all over the world.  With over 20 years of professional shooting, Jendra is also experienced in Stereoscopic 3D, extensive Visual Effects, and all film formats including Vista Vision.

Jendra has shot dozens of projects including episodic TV and web series, commercials, music videos and feature films, including A Bet’s A Bet starring Mena Suvari, Eric Roberts and Kristen Chenoweth, and Molly’s Theory of Relativity, directed by Jeff Lipsky.  Other notable credits include the Webby Award winning series Puppy Love, from the writers and producers of Sex & the City, and In Between Men, nominated for Best Cinematography by the Indie Soap Awards. Jendra has travelled to 25 countries, primarily shooting documentaries. She is based in NY and LA and her work can be seen at www.floatingcamera.com.